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The Oblate House is no longer the home of Mid-Hudson Tres Dias!



November 2, 1972 to June 10, 2001

The Oblate House is now closed and isn't it a shame that, so often, we only appreciate what we have when we lose it! 

This is the case with the Oblate House.  As you've probably heard, this is the place where Tres Dias began back on November 2, 1972.  Since then there have been 246 weekends held on this site, with the most recent one, Women's #123, ending on June 10, 2001.  During this time Tres Dias has spread to become a world-wide ministry, and it all began right here!  It's estimated that at least 8000 people attended Tres Dias weekends in the The Oblate House during this 29 year period.  This building has seen God perform wonders and miracles in peopless hearts.  People:

  • Have been saved;

  • Have recommitted themselves,  

  • Have had broken marriages healed,  

  • Have been given new insight and direction by the Holy Spirit.

  • Ministers have recommitted themselves, churches have been rejuvenated, and people have even been called into the ministry from here.

After 246 weekends, we had to say goodbye to this building, which is difficult.  It's become almost like a second home to those of us who have spent many hours in this place over the years.   We certainly do pray for our Catholic brothers and sisters who have been relocated from the Oblate Chapel.


We are really only saying goodbye to a building.  

PRAISE GOD!!!  His Holy Spirit is still with us, His Agape Love still fills us, and his abounding Grace will lead us to wherever he wants us to be.  We are now entering a time in which we, as the Tres Dias community, will be seeking God for His insight and wisdom.  And we know He won't let us down.

De Colores! 

 In 2004, the Catholic Church sold the Oblate House property.  The facility has been demolished to make room for a "gated community."  The above picture (and our memories) are all that is left of the Oblate House.  From 2001 through mid-2005 weekends were held at the Graymoor facility in Garrison, NY.  Since the latter part of 2005 our "new" permanent home has been at Mt. Alvernia in Wappingers Falls, NY. 


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Last modified: June 12, 2010

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