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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Tres Dias is an inter-denominational 3-day weekend retreat. The focus of the weekend is "God's Unmerited Love.  The weekend is designed to show the "agape" love that God pours out on us. This is love that is unconditional, unmerited, and for which the only true response can be love in return. The goal is to empower Christians to become leaders within their families, their small groups, their churches, and their communities.  Participants often return to their own church with renewed commitment.


The Tres Dias “Statement of Belief” corresponds to the historical beliefs of the Christian Church. Click here to view the Tres Dias Statement of Belief.


The weekend runs from Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon. In addition to other participants, the weekend consists of committed Christian volunteers who serve as team members. They will attempt to share the "Christ within them " with the participants, while expecting nothing in return. (Experience shows that God richly blesses the team members more than any "thank you" from a participant ever could!). During the weekend, you can expect:

- Group discussions of topics that are of vital interest to the Body of Christ.

- Times of prayer, sharing and fellowship.

- Lots of music and singing.

- Lots of fun!

- LOTS of food. (This isn't the weekend to plan a fast or begin a diet!).

- Most importantly, you can expect that God will meet you exactly where you are!

Generally, the retreat is designed for men to go first, followed several weeks later by their wives. (The reason for this is that, according to Tres Dias tradition, women generally have more of a desire to attend, so they will usually "encourage" their husbands to attend so they can then go themselves!)

Tres Dias is the Protestant counter-part of the Catholic Cursillo movement.  However, many Catholics are active in both organizations, and this also assists in the breaking down of denominational walls as Christians find they can share in those areas that bind us together in Christ, while downplaying areas of disagreement!  Open communion is practiced, and anyone who acknowledges Jesus Christ as Lord is welcome to partake.


Tres Dias is a "once in a lifetime" experience. Once a person has attended a weekend, they are not permitted to attend again, unless they do so as a future team member. Following the weekend, participants are strongly encouraged to participate in small "share groups" or "home groups" (referred to in Tres Dias lingo as "reunion groups").

- It is NOT intended to become an alternative to your home church or practice of worship.

- It is not a denomination, nor is it designed to become a focal point of worship, other than during the particular weekend.

- There is no proselytizing!  No particular denomination or group is encouraged or discouraged, as long as that denomination or group follows the basic tenets of the Tres Dias Statement of Belief.

Essentially, Tres Dias is the expression of unmerited Christian love exhibited by the Father through His people!  It is the desire of the Tres Dias Community that participants will return to their home churches with the empowerment of a revitalized relationship with Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit!


There are two things that make every Tres Dias weekend special!

-The first, and most important, is prayer!  Once a person completes a weekend, they become part of the Tres Dias "Community".  The community is made aware of the weekend schedules, and it is the responsibility and desire of the community to hold each weekend up in prayer!  These weekend retreats are literally "bathed" in prayer, love, and support.

- The second is the support of the Tres Dias Community.  Very often, people are touched by God's Love in a powerful way on their weekend, and it becomes their desire to share that experience with others.  It is this community of believers that support the weekend retreats with their prayers and their physical labors.  Christians work behind the scenes of every weekend to make certain that the needs of the participants are met!


Anyone who wishes to participate in a weekend must be sponsored by someone who has previously completed a weekend.  The sponsor carries significant responsibility to assure that the participant's family is taken care of, so the participant can focus on the activities of the weekend and not worry about what's happening at home.  It's not unusual for a sponsor to help in chauffeuring children on a woman's weekend, and even fixing leaks when a problem occurs during the husband's weekend.

The only requirement is that an application form be completed and returned to the address on the form.  The sponsor can help with this.

Once accepted on a weekend, you will be provided with a list of recommended items to bring (such as blankets, pajamas, etc).  Other than that, your sponsor will take care of all other details.  All you have to do is walk out of your front door, as your sponsor will even drive you to the retreat site.


Be sure to let your sponsor know of these needs in advance. We will make every effort to accommodate medically indicated diets or physical accommodations.


There is a suggested tax deductible donation of  $200.00 to cover the cost of the weekends.  It's important to note that donations received on a weekend pay for the FOLLOWING weekend!  (In other words, your weekend is already paid for when you arrive and you are donating to the following weekend!). Team members are also requested to make the same donation.  No pressure is placed on people to make donations, and no list is kept.  Experience has shown that participants and team members who can afford to generally give more than the recommended donation, which more than offsets those who cannot afford to give.  Most importantly, inability to pay should NEVER be a reason for not attending!   Also, we strongly suggest that this donation not be taken away from any tithe you would normally give to your church!


All retreats are held at the Mt. Alvernia facility in Wappingers Falls, NY.  (Click here for directions to Mt. Alvernia).


Tres Dias is an international movement. There is more information at the international Tres Dias website.


We hope you found this summary to be useful.  Please feel free to send any questions you might have to tresdias@mhtd.org

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