Tres Dias Essentials


We want to share the Essentials with all Pescadores.  Tres Dias is a ministry that has been blessed since its founding in 1972.  Our hope is that you take away a couple gems from each section covered and know that everything that is done pre- weekend, during the weekend and post weekend is very intentional. God bless you all in your walk of Piety.

There are 8 videos in this training plus the Post Test and Resources.  Most are 10-13 minutes. They can be viewed in their entirety or one module at a time for training at team meetings or Secuelas.


Video 1/9


Introduction, Pre-Test & Section 1.0 (Preamble)

Welcome to Essentials Training!   Please download there-Test and the copy of the Essentials so you can follow along.
The Preamble sets the stage for the rest of the modules. 

– Defines Christian Ecumenical Movement.
– Gives a brief History of the Movement.
– Covers the Main Teaching of Tres Dias. 
– Mentions criteria for chartering local secretariats.
– Reviews 3 terms – The Movement, the Method and the Phases.


Video 2/9

Essentials of the Movement & 3.1 Pre-Weekend Phase

Module 2 -

Content of Module #2

Video 3/9

Essentials 3.2 - 3.2.3

Essentials of the Weekend Phase

Content of Module #3

You are doing great. Keep Going!

Video 4/9

Essentials 3.2.4 through 3.2.12

Essentials of the Method (continued)

Content of Module #4

You've got this...Almost halfway!

Video 5/9

Essentials 3.2.16 through 3.2.27

Essentials of the Method (continued)

Content of Module #5

Wow! You're more than halfway finished!

Video 6 & 7/9

Essentials 3.3 and 4

Essentials of the 4th Day Phase and the Local Secretariat Organization

Module 6a

Module 6b

Content of Module #6a and 6b

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Video 8/9

Essentials: Essentials of the Weekend

Essentials of the 4th Day Phase and the Local Secretariat Organization

Content of Module #7

Congratulations! Woohoo! You've completed the Essentials!

Video 9/9

Essentials: Answers & Resources

Post-Test Answers & Resources

Test Your Understanding

Congratulations! Hope you have more appreciation of the Essentials.